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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why I Won't Return To Nashville

Well, blogger friends, the time has come...again. After a failed attempt to have a bachelorette party for Shmishelle due to the flu making us feel like we were dying for two days, we are hitting the road a short month later for some classy drunken fun.

Just in time, too. my last few weeks have included a funeral, in which I drove to Nashville and back with my family in three days, and tons of hours to make up for the road trip sponsored by my grandmother's not-so-untimely death.

My mental stability has not returned enough yet to go through the entire trip with you but let's look at some highlights just for some classy drunken fun.

  • My sister singing Thrift Shop the entire trip. I'm not even going to describe this one to you. Just click on the link and listen to it thirty times in a row. Then imagine you have listened to it thirty-five more. I'm listening to it right now and am starting to have flashbacks.
  • My 10 year old niece was the only one that actually behaved herself on the trip, and didn't throw some sort of tantrum. She was also the only one who was actually a child and would've had the only excuse you should to throw a tantrum. Being a child.
  • We found out about the death and the funeral through a mass text. I also found out more information from facebook than I did through the text. My grandma died at 3am Tuesday, and the funeral was held at 1pm on Wednesday. The rest of my dad's family were already there so no one was inconvenienced. But us.
  • Due to the sudden increase in quality time with my family I recharged my laptop every night and spent the car ride listening to my old cd's from high school.
  • My computer was actually dead the last three hours of the trip. I just kept the earphones in and pretended like I was still listening to music so that no one would talk to me.
  • Don't judge me, my sister was in the front seat pretending to be asleep.
  • My niece is a tattletale. She told my mom that my sister and I were making fun of her on the way back from Kansas City. Just wait until the next time you stay at my apartment, little girl.
  • When my mom told me about my niece tattling on us I simply replied, "You didn't make fun of us too? You know that's a good way to relieve pent up aggression, right?" As a side note, there may still be some social concepts that I don't understand.
So there you have it. My list of reasons why I am never returning to Nashville as long as I can help it. May your weekend be filled with family free fun, and lots of booze. I know mine will!