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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Times are Getting a Little Crazy...

Warning: This post is for girls only. If you read this and you are not a girl, it's now not my fault.

I would like to discuss the terrible terrible affliction known as PMS. As you can guess I am currently dealing with said affliction and am trying my hardest not to punch everyone I see square in the nose for looking at me the wrong way...which tends to be just a glance in my direction at the moment. I moved in with a new roommate a couple months ago who is also female. She happens to be on the birth control pill so my body is doing all of the wonderful female hormonal syncing. 

Now, as all of you girls know, there are some changes in personality that are not very appealing to those around you during the week or two before Mother Nature's curse gift. I would like to go through the most current situation that was affected by my hormonal surge.

1. I keep telling people to stop yelling at me even though they are not saying mean things and their voices haven't raised.

2. I threw a roll of packing tape at my door (I was aiming through the door at my roommate but I have really bad aim) because my roommate was "yelling" at me.

3. I became extrememly sad because, not only did I not hit my roommate, I broke my roll of tape when it hit my door; which was wide open.

4. I realized that I didn't even need the packing tape because I'm not moving again for at least another ten months and rolls of packing tape cost a couple bucks each. I then became extrememly irritated at myself for becoming sad about the stupid tape.

5. Realized how lucky I am that my roommate also works with me and went in first today, because she texted me and told me I could stay home and my managers said I didn't have to come in for my shift.

I'm not sure what she told them; probably something along the lines of. "If you have her come in she'll probably kill one of the customers and you'll have a lawsuit on your hands." That's what I would have told them anyway if she hadn't done my dirty work for me. Oh well, as long as PMS doesn't ruin my badass Mario skills I think I will somehow survive the next week.

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