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Monday, May 16, 2011

Need Answers? Go To Texas.

Oh Texas. Land of love, land of friendship, land of God. The christian God; not the other ones. At least that's what one of the billboards I passed said.

Jesus is the only way for America.

Really? Because I'm pretty sure we have freedom of religion somewhere in that pesky constitution of ours. And what about South America? Or Mexico? Or Canada? You know that the United States isn't America, right? Well, I do get your point. Only those that believe in Jesus can be true Americans. And all of you other countries in America? Suck it.

This was only one of the inspirational and educational billboards my boyfriend and I passed while driving though Texas last weekend. My other favorite was:

I couldn't find the picture of the actual billboard. This was the same picture that I saw, though,
only this was just a headshot. My boyfriend, after reading this post, felt like that should be

I mean, I'm not a huge Obama fan either, but was it really necessary to make him look that evil? I feel like he's just biding his time until we're all fattened up enough to feed the poor and starving population of his home planet. Is that why America the United States has such an obesity problem?

For now, I'm going to go work out and starve myself so that I'll be left behind when the UFO's hover over this country and make the rapture look like child's play.


  1. Yep Texas is known for all of that sadly. I laugh at the ignorance in this state though.

    But in all fairness, do you remember the billboards that had Bush dressed as a Nazi during the 2004 elections? Yea they had as much class as the Obama one you just posted.

  2. You know, I've heard tell that God was from Texas ... or maybe it was that he owned it? I think it was a Texan that told me that ;)

    You don't want to get me started on religion or politics, probably the two biggest arenas in which stupidity abounds.

    And I almost thought about NOT leaving a comment ... cats are on my shit list at the moment, but I couldn't bear the thought of depriving you of a smile.

  3. OT: I'm not a fan of Bush, either. If I had come across a billboard of him being portrayed the same way on my trip I would have made fun of it as well. Also, my next few posts might have a little Texas bashing in it. I am mostly doing it for simple humor purposes. This is a disclaimer to everyone from Texas as well. They are not meant to offend; it's just my percieved truths with a twist of humor and sarcasm.

    Mustang Sally: I'm glad you did comment. It always makes me smile when you do. I am lucky enough to have found a group of friends that I can talk to about both of these subjects with open minds. Unfortunately there are also those in my life that I had to make these banned subjects. And we'll blame this kitten you saved on someone else since they're on your shit list.


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