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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Flaming Sedan-O-Death!

I almost died today.

Okay, that may be a little melodramatic, but I could have been seriously injured. There is a street in the city I live in that goes through a small underpass. Right on the other side of the underpass lies a small side street containing a stop sign. Remember the fact that it has a stop sign; it's important. I was driving along at the safe speed of thirty-ish miles an hour when a green sedan zoomed into the space directly in front of my car. That was my space. I didn't have a stop sign. This guy did but apparently didn't feel like paying attention to it. He slammed on his brakes and I did the same, jerking my car to the left, which was, coincidentally, the lane that he was supposed to be in. With a pounding heart, I slowly veered around his sedan-o-death and shakily continued on my way. I fear I will forever have flashes of his snarling face as he tried to turn my poor Ford Taurus into a flaming trap for my mangled body; similar to those that served in Vietnam suffer. Oh God! I'm having one right now! Nooooooooooooooo!...

Better. Sorry about that.

I'm not much for religion, but after my real life Mario Kart experience I think is an appropriate time to say, 'Thank you Jesus for saving my car. It was made in '03 after all, and I don't think running head on into a stranger's asshole...I mean face is a good idea. Also, sorry for cussing. Church taught me that you don't like that. I probably won't give up smoking or stop cussing because you saved my life, but I really am grateful. Also, this prayer is just for humor purposes so please don't let me die this weekend either. Thank you. In Jes....your name, Amen.'

It's a good thing I didn't get in a wreck. Not just for the obvious reason that I prefer my car to run, but I am travelling to Texas this weekend. My boyfriend's sister is graduating on Friday, and I am going with him to attend that and meet his family. I don't think my car would have made it if it looked like this:

Or this:

And probably not this:

As it is, my car is still intact, so we are good to go.

Now all that's left to do is pack and send up a real prayer to Jesus so that he knows I was joking.
Have a great weekend you guys!


  1. jayzus! be healed.

    your heathenness will be pennance for...

    ahhh whatever...

    glad you did no perish as there are millions on kittens to save!~

  2. Ooh! I never thought of that. Maybe I lived because I've coerced so many people into saving kittens. Karma bitches!

  3. Glad you were able to avoid an accident. And be safe and have a good time in Texas.

  4. Don't worry. Jesus can take a joke. He laughs his ass off every time some drunk promises not to ever drink again if only He'll let them live through the night. That reminds me I've got some vodka to pour out...

  5. Yeah we have stupid drivers like that all around here, but it's California. The land where no one knows how to drive!


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