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Monday, April 25, 2011

Don't Mess With My Egg

You know what I wish I could do when my niece acts up? I wish I could just call the cops and have her handcuffed and hauled away. I mean, who wants to deal with a tantrum-having-child? I certainly don't. What do you do to calm them down? Sure, you could scold them and put them in time-out until they calm down enough to hear what you're saying, but who wants to deal with that.

That's why I applaud the police and school staff in Queens who put handcuffs on this seven year old child when he began throwing a tantrum because he wasn't able to paint his egg the way he wanted it to be. Nevermind that the mother was already on her way to pick the child up. Why should they wait. This angry child was a threat to the joyous spirit of easter. That is just unacceptable. Didn't he know that other kids were trying to paint their eggs in peace? Didn't he know that the staff may not be able to deal with the fact that a seven year old doesn't rationally think out his actions? What an inconsiderate child. Obviously the only answer is to take him to the hospital like he's hopped up on drugs and training to be the next BTK serial killer.

The moral of the story to me? Maybe you'll think twice next time you want to cut the art department out of the curriculum.


  1. Haha be gentle with the kids! Following and supporting.

  2. This brings to light so many topics that need discussion. Unfortunately this is the way the world is now. Kids acting up and not on drugs, handcuff them. That will REALLY solve the problem.

  3. I don't see the point of hand-cuffing him. I would have made him sit on the egg until it hatched.

  4. Jessica: Well maybe the little fuckers should learn rational thinking a bit earlier. I think it is insensitive of THEM to throw tantrums when the school officials clearly cannot handle it. And thanks for following! =)

    OT: Thank you!

    Kindros: And we wonder why the youth of our country don't act the way they 'should'. Could be because the adults don't.

    GB: He probably would have learned a better lesson that way, but humans like to berate and ridicule their young until they can act within appropriate social roles.

  5. There was an 8 year old here in my town who was pepper sprayed when he started freaking out in class. He grabbed a sharp piece of wood, threw chairs, and told his teacher he'd kill him. When the cops arrived, he told them, "I'll kill you motherfuckers."

    His mother is outraged that he was pepper sprayed.

    Fuck that. I would have pepper sprayed the little bastard, too.

  6. And recess! Why the hell did they cut recess? It doesn't cost them a damn penny extra to let kids run around the playground and burn off their sugar highs.

  7. When my own kids I act up, I give them the "Oklahoma". Thats when I rub their face in gravel and then tie them to a tree for not eating their nuggets.

    hahahahahahahha! Love this!

  8. hahahaaaaa.
    that kid is going to need therapy and/or a dominatrix when he grows up.
    not just for drunks on "Jail- Las Vegas" anymore-
    do they come in elmo-print?

  9. Handcuffs is overdramatic. But what do I know, I'm just a teenager :P


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