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Thursday, September 23, 2010

How To Piss Off Your Manager

The other day I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off at the locally corporate owned restaurant I work at. We'll just call it shmupplebees. Or maybe orangehornet. I don't know, I'm bad at making up names. Anyhoo, I had a couple credit cards in my hands because one of my tables wanted to pay, and that's generally what they do when they want to pay; they give me money. It's pretty common-practice. I also had in my possession some dirty plates. Again, this is a corporate restaurant so there are certain rules we have to follow that I'm sure were made up solely for the convenience of the workers. I took them to the back because "Under no circumstances are you supposed to plate park, Ms. Hoag. Feeling like you're going to gouge your eyes out because you're so busy is no excuse!". (Plate parking is setting dirty dishes on the side station for an hour minute because you're too lazy busy to take them to the back)

I decided to be a good employee for a minute, and take the plates to the back before I ran the cards. I ended up being the only server back there and there was food to be ran. The expo called for a runner and I politely shouted at her that I couldn't because I had someone's money in my hand. I ran out of the kitchen and ran the cards so that my table could leave. Now I've been told time and time again that if you have someone's money it is your first priority to get said money back to them. This is one of the rules that I whole-heartedly agree with.

After a few minutes, my manager, shmjason, came up to me and began reprimanding me for my actions. He informed me that having someone's credit card is no excuse to not run food.

"But I've been told that getting a table their money back as soon as possible is first priority," I..politely..said.
"It's always hot before anything!" he snarkily remarked.
"I'm not going to make people wait for their money to run food!" I politely retorted. "I've been told over and over that this is the right way to do it."
"Are you seriously going to argue this with me?!?!" he replied, his face becoming a bit purple in the cheek and everywhere area.

Now, I understand I'm not a manager. In fact, I thank God every night before I drink large amounts of beer go to sleep so that I can wake up bright and early and be a productive member of society. But come on! This feels like it should be common sense!

Just because you're a manager doesn't meant that
1.) You get to treat and talk to me like I am in kindergarten
2.) Expect me to go with every decision you make without question like I do not have a mind of my own (I believe this is kind of what happened when Hitler took over Germany. Are you a Nazi shmjason? Are you?!?!)

Over all, though, lesson learned in my book. I hereby promise not to bypass food that needs to be ran in order to get customers back their money. I will simply plate park and run the cards before taking the dishes back to the kitchen instead.

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