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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Memory Lane Will Be Temporarily Delayed. Traffic Updates To Follow Shortly.

I was at my mom's today, and we sat there listening to my seven-year-old niece read us the book That Man is Talking to his Toes. I ended up doing a bad job of listening, even though I love that book and think it is hilarious. In the middle of story time I got to thinking about what books I loved as a child. I remembered this one I read in the library of my old elementary school, but could not for the life of me think of the title. The only thing I could remember was that it was about fairy tale characters (such a The Three Bears, The Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.) receiving letters from a mailman. In case you don't know, this is kind of hard to go on in order to find the book title.

I would like to throw out a big thank you to Google.

I started typing in random words that had to do with this book. All I could find were books that referenced phrases from unknown book, and due to the snippet view that was available on Google (thanks again!) I couldn't find the title. It's like someone telling you are warm in a game where you find ten bricks of gold, but you can never get to the 'hot' part of the game. (Hot-Cold game. Come on people!)

Finally I found my book title. It is called The Jolly Postman. It follows this postman as he delivers letters to various creatures of the fairy tale world. The envelopes are glued to the pages, so you can take out the letters and read them. I know that I usually dedicate my posts to making fun of things displaying my vast knowledge of human nature, but I was just so excited about finding this book that I wanted to write it on here. I am going to give it to my niece for Christmas so that I can play with it...I mean so that she can enjoy it as I once enjoyed it.

The moral of this is that all you need in life is a little Google magic.
Google magic, my friend, Google magic.

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