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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Picture Perfect

Today I decided to be productive and surf the Internet for awhile. There is a vast amount of information that can help you through daily life at just a click-of-the-button. You can learn how to improve your image, choose a better career, and turn your life around all together. So I dove into the interwebs and found something that indeed did change my life. Funny portraits that people have taken. Don't confuse this. They aren't meant to be funny. They are funny because these people are serious...(-ly deranged..). You can view the full thing here if you want to. I chose two to display.

I don't even know where to begin on this. He looks so happy. Like every moment of his life is filled with psychotic joy kind of happy. And his loving embrace with his hand on the child? He must be the father, not a pedophile who has had a kid imported so he can....yeah.. he's not the father. Well, sir, I'm glad you now have a photo to remind you all of the good times you had choking this boy. May you look at it while you sit in jail after they discover the vast amount of child porn saved onto your computer.

I'm going to leave this one as WTF?!
Oh, and I feel sorry for you child in the tigger costume. I feel sorry for you. Beer will make it all go away someday.

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