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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Capstone Accomplished

I have to say, I feel better today than I have in quite awhile.

I had to take the History Capstone, and ended up having a really great time. What better way to spend a Saturday morning than in a room full of pompous ass Historians who have been trained to look an historical events and analyze/break down/make fun of them to the most thorough degree.

I really did have a good time, though. I was a bit worried about this test, but it was more of an intensely in-depth class discussion.

Plus, I haven't done anything too mentally challenging all year. I had begun to feel a bit down on myself because I felt that I wasn't doing anything constructive. Mainly I felt like a loser. The past few days have revamped some pride in me that had been dwindling away for quite some time. I remembered that I enjoyed doing this. I remembered that I am good at this. 'This' pretty much encompasses all the studying and analyzing that I have done over the past four days. 'This' made me feel good about myself again. 'This' gave me new motivation to look towards the future instead of the now.

Plus, the woman teaching the class gave me a great compliment.

Well you're just coming up with all sorts of great ideas over there.

She's one of those awkward women who you are surprised to find out that she has a husband instead of twenty cats. The ones that barely hang on to the basis of their social skills in order to communicate.

Mainly, the type of person that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside when they tell you that you're any sort of smart, when you would have just felt sarcasm and mocking if anyone else had said it.

Best part of the day, though?

They totally gave us pizza.


  1. mmmm pizza... saving kittens one comment at a time

  2. oh wait...feel kinda bad that i read your post and all i came away with was pizza...

    but i am a winter weight fatass, so anything to do with food is apealing...

    good on ya for the capstone thingy and getting the crazxy cat lady to compliment you.

  3. I am a winter weight fatass right now too Bruce. I mildly suspect that I enjoyed it so much because they gave us the pizza right before we left.

  4. Also a winterweight fatass!

    Mmmmm pizza.

  5. Love Pizza. Makes everything better

  6. Congrats on both fronts! All I got from my capstone was a useless degree that I'm going to spend the rest of my natural life paying off.

  7. Good for you Kara! :D I'm happy for you!


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