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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lying Only Helps Other People Win

Since our lease is almost up, our landlord has once again begun telling us that the roaches are our fault.

Both Shmichelle and I are extremely fed up with this. We contacted the city offices for advice, and then tried to set up a face to face meeting with him so that we could deliver a written, signed letter insisting that this problem be completely taken care of within fourteen days.

Once: he said he was busy, and turned us down.

Twice: he said that he would not be able to have a meeting, and turned us down.

Thrice! he said that he was not interested in talking about how we want out of our lease early, and turned us down.

All in the same day. I've dealt with rejection before but I think the whole 'woman scorned' thing is going to have to come into effect here.

I hope we get this lying bastard of a man. I hope we get him good!


  1. Oh that guy is a schmuck. I'd let you out of the lease early. there are some good tenant rights issues you can see on

    I am a landlord and do not run my business like that. Your landlord should be trying to rent the place out and let you out of the lease early.

  2. Fijufic: Thank you so much for the website. I will check it out before my meeting (not with my landlord who is screwing himself over by illegally refusing to meet with us). I really appreciate it.

    OT: Oh just you wait. Just you wait.

  3. i will have to drive down

    to kick some ass..

    just let me sober up

    which may be difficult

    as i love being drunk


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