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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If Stealing An Apple, You Might As Well Steal the Caramel Too

I went to Wal-Mart yesterday because I wanted Avatar. It is a great movie. Watch it.

I went there with my sister and my mom's credit card in my wallet because she wanted me to purchase it on Blue-Ray for her. Apparently no one has it right now because they are about to re-release it on a three disc set. My life was momentarily ruined and I had to sit there and listen to my sister try to talk to my mom on the phone about what else to get.

Side-note: I. Hate. Wal-Mart.

After sitting there for what felt like an eternity in care-bear heaven (my personal hell) We finally made our way to the check-out line. The woman checking us out obviously did not feel like her life was up to par, because she was a Biatch. She rang up the four movies we were buying, and handed my sister the bag. I had my card in my wallet next to my mom's, and they look very similar except for the fact that mine has no money on it. I swiped the card once; it was denied. I swiped it again after telling her to put back all the movies but one; it was denied. I looked in my wallet, blushed, fumbled around while trying to switch the cards out, and told her to ring up all of the movies again. She did. I paid. I signed.

At this point she looked at me and asked if this was my card.

Me: "No, it's my mom's."

Evil Lady: "You need to have your mom's I.D. to be able to use it."

Me: "I don't even have my I.D. I've never had a problem with using this before."

Evil Lady: "Well it won't accept the signature unless you have the person's I.D."

Me (staring at the screen, confused): "It says right here that it accepted the signature."

At this point she huffily called over a manager. He came over and she explained the situation to him. He asked if the merchandise had already been paid for, and she scoffed and gestured towards the receipt that was laying, with the card, on top of the movies that she had demanded back from my sister.

He informed her that there was nothing they could do, and looked like he didn't give a shit anyway about the situation. He cocked an eyebrow in her direction, handed me the card, and lazily said, "I guess next time just have your mom call or something," shrugged his shoulders, and walked off.

The checkout lady then put our movies into a tiny bag, and asked my sister for the larger, more convenient bag back. My sister said she could just put the miniature bag in the normal one, but the woman insisted, saying "I can just use it for another customer!"

What I got out of this, aside from the already-known-fact that Wal-Mart is a horrible void in space and time, is that if I ever choose to steal someones credit card, I need to make sure that I steal their identification as well so that it will be legal.

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  1. Useful knowledge. I'll try to remember that.


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