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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Your Server Is Probably Smarter Than Your Average Bear

I recently came across this site. It is called The Stained Apron, and is a place where servers and restaurant employees can submit their stories about their horrid experiences with, mainly, customers. I made my way to the Morons: Feedback From Idiots section and what I found absolutely appalled me.

Do people really think their servers are that big of idiots? I have been talked down to plenty of times during my years working at Shmupplebees, but I never realized the general consensus that the waitstaff are just a bunch of morons who will never do anything else with their lives.

People in this section left comments berating those who work in the service industry, more or less saying that they should realize that they are pretty much a servant to the general population, quit asking for money (even though it is well known that that is how servers EARN their income) and get a better job if it bugs them so much.

People who are serving tables are usually doing it to get through college. More than that, servers are also often people who have completed college but are having a tough time finding a job due to the crap-ol-a state of the economy. The person serving you could also be the person teaching your child during the day, but can't make enough money at that to live at the standard that they need to.

I just completed school, and have two degrees. You know what I'm doing with those degrees? I'm serving tables. Not because I'm an idiot, but because I can't, at this point, get a better job. And because I'm apparently good at kissing your ass in just the right spot to be able to pay my rent.

Visit this site. If you have never served before try to keep an open mind about what the staff at the establishment you are eating at might be going through. Of course they sound angry. Most people are treating them like dirt because they can't come to terms with the fact that the person they are viewing as their servant will most likely one day be their boss.

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