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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Like A Good Neighbor, State Farm Will Have A Backup Story

I went to go speak with my insurance agent at the State Farm office in town today. My payment is due tomorrow but I wanted to see about adding renter's insurance on as well.

You know the phrase You learn something new every day?

I found out that for the very low price of nine bucks a month I can burn down my entire complex and be covered for $500,000 worth of damage. Hell yeah!

Maybe I should change my address to Shmupplebees so that when I "accidentally" throw my lit cigarette into the dumpster my ass will be covered.

What? Of course it was an accident. I always have marshmallows and roasting sticks in my car.


  1. I have been meaning to do that and really should. It's too cheap not to, right? It's also comforting to know you can get nicer shit than you have now. :)

  2. That's the kind of stuff they shouldn't be telling people! Too funny!

  3. Nine bucks a month is really cheap for renters insurance.

  4. i forget something old everyday

  5. Krissy: The guy taked me into it. Especially after learning that if the entire complex burns down and starts in my apartment I will be liable for it.

    Sandra: I think it is just my sick sick mind that came to that conclusion.

    OT: I also get my car insurance from them so it is that cheap because I have a dual policy now.

    Ed: Me as well. I'm just lucky enough to pick up random useless information on a daily basis to fill those voids.

  6. feeling kinda trashy for stoping by and allowing some kitteh's to get usherd off to the promised land, but i just did not have anything to add last visit.

    still don't... but i love the idea of roasting marhmallows...

    notice i said love the idea.

    i hate the actualuality of it.

    it is all fun and games until there is hot marshamllow and pubes...

    just so you know...marshmallows do not throw off the end of a stick well.

    and flaming... faggeddaboutit...

    jus sayin


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