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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh My Fluttering Heart

I have given up all of my passions and dreams. I have found love and nothing seems to compare in light of my glorious feelings. I feel like I'm walking on air. I feel like rays of sunshine are smiling down on me and saying, 'Go forth unto this world, little Kara. Go forth and be happy.'

It all began last Wednesday. I had told my mom that I would make her a martini for her birthday. I, however, decided that we should go for something a little more fruity within the martini family. I put my sister in charge of dinner, and I took it upon myself to make something tasty to sip on during the celebration of the day the woman who gave life to me was born.

Upon coming home after dinner I poured some liquid ingredients into a shaker and mixed them up. The end result was then put into a martini glass and immediately placed to my readily waiting lips.


The sweet delicious nectar of heaven brought down to us by angels sweetly singing martini hymns and carrying leather-bound drink recipe bibles.

After a couple of them I felt like I had found my place within this world. Everything made a fuzzy sort of sense. How could something so delectable make me feel so tipsy with elation? So drunk with splendor? So smashed with the wonder of it all?

Such feelings of purity. I will never love again.


  1. This was beautiful. :) I'm sure you will love again.

  2. Hahah Booze will do that to ya...but she is a cruel, cruel mistress in the morrow.

    Shit, I could go for a Cosmo right now. *salivation*

  3. Kindros: I hope so. I just don't think I'll ever love as deeply.

    Ckrets: Come on over and I'll make you one! I've become a damn expert at making these in the past week.

  4. you should step it up and get some vodka

  5. Awesome photo - did you take that?

  6. Kills a kitten! "Alone with cats" would never forgive me if that happened. I've never had a martini. Does this mean I haven't lived yet?


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