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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Please Do Not Let Your Children Run Free In The Park

As I've mentioned before, I pick my niece up from school on Wednesdays and keep her for a couple hours. I enjoy this on a few levels. One, I get to spend time with my niece and remind her through cookies and Donkey Kong that I am her favorite aunt (easier than it sounds because my other sister lives in Virginia).

Second, I get to see things like this:

This is not the actual picture because cell phones are not allowed in the school. However, the little girl was pretty much doing this exact same thing.

Every week I see this little girl running all over the place. Trying to run back to the classrooms and falling on her face constantly which I find adorable and hilarious. My guess is that the evil principal of the elementary school told her to put a leash on her kid.

Or the mom was just so fed up that she tricked her kid into thinking she was wearing a really cool fuzzy backpack with a super long tail that mommy held on to.

Either way, it's not working lady. The kid was just running in circles around her mom. The mom kept having to untangle the "tail" and switching hands so the child could keep doing what she did pre-backpack days.

Good luck when she's a teenager.


  1. I wonder if he meant it literally or she just took it literally. That future doesn't look very bright for the mom when the girl hits teen at all, lol.

  2. I laugh every single time I see a kid on one of those dog leases. It cracks me up.

  3. I so heart Cyanide and Happiness.

  4. hey kids are animals, too. and the world needs leash laws.

    i wish i would have invented the kid leash. it is an awesome idea..

    signed tucker

  5. that comic is so messed up but hilarious

  6. Do they make these adult sized? For my fiance, not for me (duh).

  7. I am so glad I never was on a leash

  8. The leash if usually used for those children who tend to just run away the one second you are not looking. It doesnt matter if the child is running around you, the fact is when your child just runs away in parking lots, wallmart, a school, or other places that are either big or dangerous like inside a shopping mall. Kids tend to be very grabby in them. Its not bad at all, and those moms do let their children run in parks. You are just only overreacting.


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