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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pending Disaster Could Ensue

We all use Facebook for the same reason. To stalk the people we had crushes on in high school and to see if they became fat. Or to make sure that you are aging the best out of your graduating class. Or to see if that guy you hooked up with last night is really single. Or to make sure your ex is still miserable without you. Or to--

Okay, you get my point.

Stalking. I use Facebook for stalking. You use Facebook for stalking. Santa Clause uses Facebook to stalk the little boys and girls and make sure they're being good and not bad (hmmm.....).

I stalk, you stalk, we all stalk on Facebook.

What I am always afraid is going to happen, though, is that I am going to type someone's name into the status bar instead of the search bar.

Why was your status 'Bob Smith'?

Ummm....That's the name of the new character I have just come up with. I'm trying to personalize him more in my mind and make him real.

Didn't you date a Bob Smith in high school?


Yeah you did. I have pictures of you at the winter dance your Sophomore year.

No you don't....

You can see how this could potentially become awkward.

Speaking of Bob Smith, I'm going to go make sure his new wife isn't prettier than I am...


  1. funny..i use facebook for people to stalk me..

    and one of my aliases is bob smith...


  2. OMG! I've almost done that so many times! And ALWAYS when I'm searching someone I shouldn't be searching...

  3. Folks stalk the hell out of me on Facebook.

  4. see i am weird i am on facebook to play games and to keep connebted to contest that my local radio station has

  5. Who hasn't done that?! I mean my mom Facebook stalks too on occasion.


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