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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Tale Of A Puppy

I would like to start by wishing a Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece. She turns eight years old today and is the smartest, most wonderful child in the world. Hey, everyone deserves praise on their special day.

Also, thanks to her birthday I was able to help out a lost dog. I was trying to remember where my sister is student teaching, and tried the Middle School in town. She was not there, but a chocolate lab was running around in front of the building. Beautiful dog. It sat for me and didn't try and tear my hand off when I reached for his collar so I figured he was safe.

Are you my mommy?

I went inside and informed the office. I still didn't want to leave the dog when I went outside, so I called the only number on his collar. It was the number to a vet's office in Payola Kansas. I do not live in Payola so I was praying that the owner did not live there either. The vet gave me the number to the lady who owns the lab, and I left her a voicemail instructing her to either call the animal shelter in town or the middle school.

The woman who works in the office came out and told me that neither the cops or the employees at the shelter could come pick this dog up. The cops just didn't want to, I think, and the shelter was short-staffed. At my request she found me some yarn that I used as a leash (terrible leashes by the way. Don't use yarn. Especially with big dogs. Your hands will hurt. Trust me), and I loaded my new friend into the passenger seat of my car.

Luckily the animal shelter is near impossible to find, for me at least. I have tried before this and always have problems. Maybe it's only there when you aren't looking for it. I say luckily this time, though, because I checked my phone and my new friend Pam had called me back. She didn't follow my instructions, but that's probably good since I still had her dog.

I met her son's girlfriend back at the middle school. I know that the dog knew her because he pretty much tried to jump out the window when he saw her. My window. The one I was sitting by. I think of it as our last hug. A sweet and bruise-worthy farewell.

So the public service announcement for today? Don't leave your doors open if you have a dog. And if you find a dog don't call the cops. They don't care.


  1. What a good deed you did! I love you more than yesterday, even if the dog doesn't. :) You may have saved his life and don't even know it.

  2. BRAVO! I just Love feel good Dog stories..

  3. brilliant what a good deed

  4. i am tucker. i am a puppy.

    douible lickity's for you and a big belly scratch!

    daddy says get yourself a cheeseburger and then he laughs...

    i don't get it...

    but i am a puppy!

    Bruce and Tucker
    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  5. Krissy: Haha, I'm pretty sure this dog had the greatest day of his life. He got to go on a ride and then was taken back to his owner. I got to spend an hour with an awesome dog. We both win.

    Thormoo and Becca: I do too. This dog was awesome. I was only scared because that area of town goes by the highway and we all know and hate those people who think that is a good way to get rid of a pet. Luckily for this dog he had just escaped and made his way back home.

    Tucker: Thank you for the lickities and belly scratch! This dog kind of looked like you except bigger, and I wouldn't want you being lost either.

    Bruce: *giggle* I had three last night so I think it was my turn to repay karma for it.

  6. whenever i go to a friends house, their dogs always try to eat me

  7. three? lucky you!

    but yeah, karma...i see you still could have two more acts of kindness due

    tucker says he is never gonna be that dog, cuz he cannot stand to be away from daddy...or mamma, or mylibean...

    i just think he is a a big baby...but i like it that way...

    i had two labs that just loved to run when they got out the door...not tuck..he loves to hang out with people

  8. Every time I find a lost dog there isn't a collar and it will never come so I can't help it. Glad you could help that dog though!


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