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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Help Wanted

Dear Readers,

I have a problem.

I need your help.

I am wanting to put a 'follow me on twitter' 'like me on facebook' and a link to the facebook account that I have created for this blog. I have no friends on this account because I don't know how to link it. This makes me sad. When I am sad kittens die (You know what you did non-comment leavers).

I am not tech savvy.

You may think I'm lying because of all the cool links to this blog you've been seeing around the internet. Don't let that fool you. I just copy and paste from one of my comments (Thanks Bruce!).

So if any of you would like to explain to me how to make these magical things happen on my blog, it would be much appreciated (just use small words and simple phrases).



  1. Kara- the design tab of the blog from your dashboard may have the stuff you are looking for to link them together in the add a gadgets section. kinda similar to the share it button but to do the reverse.

    otherwise i am clueless, but i did not want to kill any kittens...

    bruce johnson jadip
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  2. I couldn't find the like button on there. I got the badge through facebook, so there's that.

    I'll just keep trying google magic for now.

  3. I got my Twitter thingy from the Twitter website. Go to your profile tab and under the box where you list the address of your blog, there is a link that says "you can also add twitter to your website here". Click that link and it will bring you to your blogger design page so you can place the box wherever you want.

    I think you get the FB like me box from FB, but I don't have one so I'm not really sure.

    Hope this helps a little.

  4. Awww, I don't want any kittens to die in the making of this post...however, I am stupider than you are when it comes to this shit. Would you consider getting help from a blog designer? I don't think it's very expensive, a few bucks for things like you're asking for...

  5. Clueless, but I like kittens too.If it makes you feel any better, I dont have those things but I have "stumble" (dont really know why, but I do)

  6. I thank you all for your help in saving kittens. I am still working on trying to figure it out. I COULD hire a designer, but that would go completely against my control freak nature.

    For now...bear with me on the for-now-crapolla redesign. I'll get it to where it needs to be (hopefully). If anyone else knows the answer to my question, though, I still need help with the like and follow buttons. Pretty much I can find the codes I just have no idea where to put them.

  7. hun, i will do it for you. this is what i do for a living. seriously. just email me with the links to each of the accounts. i will go and get them set up and let you know if i need anything else.

  8. What's your e-mail address and what information do you need?

  9. its

    send me links to each of the social media accounts, and i think that is all i need. but i will let you know if i need anything else.

  10. Good shit, Corey! That was really nice of you.

    I'm following you on Twitter now, Kara.


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