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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Eggnog Season

It is officially almost Christmas.

I figured this out when I went to Shmal-mart earlier (then again for wrapping paper). There were tons of people there putting some last minute touches on their holiday shopping just like I was.

My favorite wrapping paper that I purchased? The Grinch paper.

I am a grinch.


Yes, I have a secret to tell you.

Are you listening?

Come closer.

Too close. Back up.

Okay. Here I go.

I secretly like Christmas. BUT only for a certain period of time. My Christmas Spirit is like milk. If you leave it out too long it's going to spoil quickly. However, I believe that it is a good time to begin feeling a lot like Christmas (or something like that). I took yesterday to shop and am going to take tonight to wrap presents and watch a couple classic holiday movies. I'm talking Holiday Inn and White Christmas. No creepy clay-mation for me tonight.

So to all of you, I hope you enjoy your holiday whether or not you enjoy the actual holiday. If nothing else just enjoy the time off work and get drunk.


  1. OMG Karen, aside from totally agreeing with you, your post made me realize I haven't even wrapped my presents yet!...ick...sinking feeling in my gut!

  2. grinchy me...

    i aint wrapping just stuffing the presents in plastic bags...

    no tape no bows...

    but i will have a few 'nogs...

    (and that makes me happy!)

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  3. I KNEW YOU LIKED IT! I tried to tell you the other day and you were all "No, I don't" and I was all "Yes you do." and you said, "I hate it and I only tolerate it for you because you love it" and I said "Whatever, you know I am right and you love it. You are just trying to keep up a front for all the other people in the room. Kara, I want to help you to be more in touch with your feelings so your life isn't so stressful and you don't have to put whiny shit in your blog" and you were like "Smichelle get the fuck out of here, I hate Christmas and I hate you!" But then you started crying and you wailed to me, and I quote, "I know! *sob sob* You are right about everything! * shaky breath* Literally, every word you have ever *sob* uttered has been correct. And if you ever were wrong you were humble eno*sob* enough to admit it and I admire you for that. *shaky breath and sob*" And then we hugged.
    Don't you remember?
    Well I suppose the quotes might not be exactly accurate, BUT that was the gist of the conversation at least.
    P.S. I hope you like your gift =)

  4. P.P.S. I am now following your blog officially =)

  5. It probably doesn’t help that they start marketing it during Halloween.

    Wallace and Gromit is classic!

  6. Shmishelle, quit having conversations with me when I am drunk.

    Sandra, I haven't finished yet either. Wrapping is a pain in the ass. Especially when you're as anal about it as I am.

    Bruce, enjoy the eggnog! And Shmal-mart has all the plastic bags you need for this season.

    Drake, I agree. I hate that they market it so early. I'm surprised that they don't roll out the new toys in January that the kids will need for Christmas.


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