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Friday, December 31, 2010

Get The Bug Out Of Your Ass Part Two

I don't know if you read the comments, but Shmichelle did indeed have more to say on the subject. To be lazy fair I am going to make it a post so that she has her own voice in the matter.

It is I, Smichelle the room-mate. I feel as though Kara didn't give the situation as much......seriousness as I want her to. Sorry Kara, I'm just FUCKING LIVID about this situation. I know you are too but more expression of that is necessary so now I take the liberty to speak for us both.

First of all, they lied to us and tried to convince us that we brought the bugs in from our job. Then after the 2nd bombing and before the 3rd, this sleezeball has the audacity to tell me that this was an EXISITING PROBLEM. That's right, they already knew there were roaches before we moved in. So during all the sprayings (of which there were 3 professional and 1 regular maintenance) the landlord, let's call him The Dick Headed Salesman, DHS for short, gave me the number to the Great Exterminator (sarcasm included).

The Great Exterminator (GE) guaranteed each and every spraying and the bugs came back each and every time. When I asked him about this he told me that DHS refused to spray the entire building because it costs too much even though the GE, who is a professional exterminator, told the DHS that is the only way the chemicals would be effective.

This happened three times.

Every time we had to spend about 8 hours bagging all our shit up so it wouldn't get chemical on it, moving my cat(s) to my boyfriend's, and waiting a day to go back to unpack everything and wait 50 more days to do it again.

Now the DHS is tired of listening to me conplain about it so he says we can get out of our lease early. He's just going to put someone else through the same shit. What a fuck stick.
I just wanted to bitch about the DHS to the open air so everyone knows that he truly is a penis.

Oh and the cat(s) that I have to keep moving out for a week at a time cost me extra money to live here. Thanks ASSWIPE.

Thanks for listening, or reading. Either way, FUCK THE DHS!!!

I hope he gets cockroaches. In fact, I would infest his house with them if I knew how to do it.


  1. Wow that's horrible, you should tell everyone that is trying to get the apartment after you about that so that he'll lose business.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Adorkable Ditz. Out his ass! Let every potential tenant know what he's about. Post that shit on FB. Send out mass emails.

    I think if you capture two of them in a jar (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little) and release them at his front door, he'll get a dose of his own medicine. That's assuming, I guess, that one is male and one is female. Fuck it. Just release a swarm of them at his door.


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