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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Better Choices: They're Not Just The Kid's Responsibility

I'd like to start out with a shout-out to all of my followers. You guys make me happy. I hope I make you happy too. Unless you hate yourself so you just follow my blog because it makes you miserable to read. I...hope that makes you happy in your own way? You should probably think about therapy in that case, though. Either way... Hello people who read this!!! I love you. I would cry now, but I'm not much of a tears person unless it comes to pmsing moments during the Karate Kid.

Okay, now that the mushy good-feeling part of this post is over with (thank deity of your choice), I want to talk about Happy Meals. HM's, as I like to call them (I just don't want to write Happy Meal over and over again), are a part of childhood. A right of passage so to speak.

According to Michelle Obama, these meals are making kids fat. Scratch that. The TOYS are making kids fat.

Excuse me? A HM toy is the cause of child obesity in this country?

What about the healthy side options?

But Kara, kids won't choose the apples over the fries!

Aren't you the parent? Don't you have the authority to make that decision for your child? If you ask your child if they want fish sticks or grilled chicken they will choose the fish sticks.

Unless you teach your child that they should eat the grilled chicken.

Or tell them that they can have a HM but they have to have the apples as the side.

Here's an idea:

Why not put educational toys in the HMs? Shouldn't we be concerned about this country's rising level of stupidity illiteracy? We could put small books or puzzles in the meals. Then we won't be fat and stupid as a country.

Bottom line.
You are the parent. Choose the apples for your kid. Buy them a book. Stop letting them crumble Cheerios into the carpet of my section.

Okay that last one is more of a personal thing.


  1. But I love the HM toys. tear, tear.

  2. Now that I look back I wish my mom would have banned me and my brother from going to McDonalds and the other fast food places so much. I was fat and the toys were crap. I never go to these places because I hate eating there.

  3. great post as usual!!!

    god i do not miss sunday's waiting tables...and all the families with their f*ing "what do YOU want, little johnny? BS..."

    oops...went a little off the deep end...

    parents suck. cuz they don't want to be like their parents and actually make the kiddo's mind...they want to be their friends...

    gotta go before i get angry!
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