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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Candlelight and Tears

I think that today I am going to write a happy, non-bitchy post. I feel a bit ashamed because I hate reading posts like this, and don't often feel inclined to write them. I would just rather read about how crappy the lives are of all you bloggers out there. Kind of like watching a car crash and thinking, "Hey! At least I still have my car."

I have been feeling a little down in the dumps lately due to normal girlish hormonal fluxuations (that's what pms really stands for if you didn't know). This has pretty much made me a sensi-pants to any comment that I could construe negatively in regards to yours truly. Or just make me react badly to comments that I would have delt with differently in a normal hormonal state.

Yesterday, though, was a great day. I kept my sensitivity to a minimum (I think).

My boyfriend rented some movies and a wii game (some carnival game that was fun-freaking-tastic) and made dinner at my apartment. I kept asking if I could help him, and he kept telling me no, so I kept going back to playing Zelda and eventually went and cleaned my room cause I felt a little useless playing video games while he made me dinner.

Every now and then he would bring me treats. I got a piece of cheese, a spoonful of potato yumminess, and some fantastic cheese sauce that ended up on my sweatshirt to name a few.

I felt a bit like a little kid.

But mostly I felt like I was having a great time because I didn't have to help and I got snacks.

Great dinner, great company, and great night.

Low point, though, was when we were watching the Karate Kid. The new one with Will Smith's son. Not a bad movie. There was one toughing scene that made me tear up due to my NGHF syndrome that I'm dealing with right now. Totally blaming it on that.

I made the mistake of looking at him, and he saw the tears, The ones I had been fighting to hold back. Now they were discovered and demanded to be let free from my eyes!

Shit. Now I was crying.

I quickly tried to swipe my eyes with my sweatshirt and pretend that nothing was happening on the upper region of my face.

"I have allergies," I told him.

"Uh-huh......" he replied.

He tried to put his hand on me but I swatted it away.

"You don't speak of this to anyone!" I threatened. "I will kill you if you say anything."

At which point he busted up laughing. I don't think he believed me.

The rest of the night went along without any more tears. We had a few drinks, played fun-freaking-tastic carnival game on the Wii, and then ***CENSORED***, then went to bed.

This morning I woke up, cuddled into him, and thought to myself, "I've got a great man to love here."

A second after that he farted.

And I giggled.

Because I'm twelve.

As a side note, today my roommate started laughing. This is roughly close to the message she got on facebook.

Kara wouldn't want me to tell you that she cried during the Karate Kid.

Told you he didn't believe my threat.


    You cried during the Karate Kid?!

    Wait, I cried at some stupid commercial the other day.
    stupid hormones.

  2. No worries, girl, I cry all the time. I cried at a job interview once. Sheesh, I can't belive I admitted that online... :)

    PS: Sounds like you have a wonderful boy there! Bringing you cheese... how sweet is that!

  3. I know! I was so embarrassed. Of all the movies to cry at!

    And he is pretty great. I can't promise too many posts about him just because I hate being that girl, but I thought this story was worth telling (if for nothing else, the fact that I got to lick the potatoes off the spoon).

  4. i cried when the shark died in Jaws...


    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear



  5. Kara...
    the bottom of my follow me on this post i give the secret formula...

    if i try to type will come back as a link...try to copy and paste the link below to a word doc and choose text only..

    kara hoag

    if that doesn't work email me at and i can attach it as a word doc and you can copy and paste it to every comment..

    hope that helps...


    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear

  6. I had to come check you out since Mrs. Hyde recommended you, and I know she doesn't follow just anyone. Especially since she doesn't follow me yet.. ahem! But anyway...

    You didn't disappoint. So now you have a new follower, and I have a new blog to fill my latest obsession with. :)

  7. @ Bruce,
    I'm trying to figure it out. With the groundwork....well I might get there eventually. Honestly I'm surprised I was even able to make my blog look the way it does. Not. Tech. Savy. At all. And I mean, it's bad.

    @ Krissy,
    Welcome to my blog!!!!
    (You have now saved one kitten)
    I'm excited that you took Mrs. Hyde's advice, and that she likes me too. And that you like me. Okay. I'm starting to blush. I'm going to stop rambling and just keep trying to make all of you laugh.

  8. Hey there's no shame in crying during a movie. Unless it was a completely pansy movie, I haven't seen the new Karate Kid yet so I can't agree with you with said part if it was sad/touching enough to cry for.

  9. Adorable Ditz,
    I'm going to help you out here. It wasn't worth crying for. The movie was entertaining enough but definitely worth embarrassment for tears.


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