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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Justin Beiber Hates Your Cat Too

I love my cats.

Well, actually they're my roommate's cats, but I'm like an adoptive/step-parent.

Plus them being her cats makes it less likely that I will end up a crazy cat lady. Now I can end up with a dog. Having dogs are cool. As long as they're not those annoying yappy dogs.

But I still love cats.

I just don't like cats as much as some people, bringing me to my point. Cat videos. I pet my cats (ha), I give them food and throw toys. I even cuddle with them after they force themselves in my lap.

I do not make videos of them to post online.

I think it is adorable when my cat bats a toy around. I do not think that means that the cat has learned to play soccer. I do not put it on the web as most amazing cat discovery ever!

Please keep your cat entertainment to the home. Maybe send a picture to a friend once in awhile, but don't be offended if that friend does not care that your cat fell asleep on the table. All cats fall asleep anywhere they can. Your cat is not special.

Now here's a cat video for your viewing pleasure.

Because we all hate Justin Beiber.


  1. this is a great post!

    i am not a cat hater, but think about this. if you were the same size as your (a) cat, it would kill you. for fun. and drop it on (at) someones lap. or feet.

    Jus' Sayin'

    whereas a (most) dog(s), would chase you, but be unable to catch you cuz they are so easily distracted. just throw a stick, and they forget about what they are doing.

    what was i talking about?

    i think my dog rocks, so much so that i let him write a blog a week. plus it gives me a day off.

    i do admit i take way too many pics of tucker, but he keeps telling me that the fans want to seen more of him. he said we get more hits on his day than any other.

    i think he may be lying.

    does this make me a crazy dog guy?

    Happy New Year!
    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  2. I think you should make a cat video. Then post it on your blog. Then we could shower you with compliments about how cute your pussy is?...see, see how that works!

  3. hahahahahahahah! SO true! Omg you don't even know. I was thinking that not two days ago when my cousin made me go to her youtube page and guess how many videos she had up there of her foor cats? not one, not two, not even 15. but no less than 28. Count 'em. 20+8 more. 28.

    Kill me.

    And mind you, not all of them were actual videos.

    some of them were slideshows of still pictures that she had taken of them.

    again i say, kill me.

  4. Bruce- The evil-ness of cats is why I bond with them. I, however, grew up around dogs so I understand them to a greater level than cats.

    Sandra- do you know how many times I kept wanting to make pussy references during this post? I still did but now they're hidden (not well).

    Corey- Your cousin needs a boyfriend stat.

  5. hi. iam tucker. daddy got all drunked up on candiayn whiskers and told me to tell you that dogs rule and cats drool.

    and i am playin.playin.playin.

    oh and you kneo what else...

    daddy and i got an award for you!

    oh hey. theres 's a squirel....

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  6. Love the video!

  7. Wow! that is one smart cat. Now try adam Lambert.


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