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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And You Think YOU'VE Got It Bad...

My favorite part is when the last guy freaks out and tries to leave.


  1. I wonder what they're trying to do...I understand if they mess up they get kicked in the balls, but this is just too funny to watch! xD

  2. The nut shot is the cornerstone to wholesome family entertainment, but with the innumerable amount of douche bags we have here in America, there should be a show like this around every street corner.
    Buy a camera, punch a guy in the nuts, get paid. A very simple formula for the addition of bruised testicles and retarded children everywhere.

  3. its all fun and games till someone is peeing blood...

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  4. OK. I'm just suspicious enough to think that they were wearing protection, and it was all acting. But that last guy WAS funny.

    D'ya ever see Idiocracy? The average IQ of the human race in the future is like, 75, because dumb people astronomically outbreed smart people. There's a TV show in this future America called "Ow! My Balls!"

    I am starting to get worried.

  5. I love the Japanese - they make American reality tv look high-brow. I'm so glad I just spend 3:10 of my life watching that Kara. Well done

  6. The Japanese Game shows are hilarious and quite sadistic...


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