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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bruce Is Going To Give Me A Big Head

I'm a little late on posting this, but I've been busy. Well, not really that busy but I've felt like spending my time doing things more productive than blogging (I know, what could be better than blogging...)


I got an award!

From Tucker Bruce at Just Another Day in Paradise!

Thanks Tucker!

Here are the copy and pasted rules:

1.Link to the person who gave you this award. (In a post, or in your sidebar, wherever you have this)

2.Pass the award along to seven other people who post about at least slightly amusing things and tell them. Either by emailing them or commenting on a post, etc.
3.Say seven things about yourself that no one knows. (Or at least you think no one knows.) 

4.Pass these rules on. (copy and paste this winners!)

Hmmm...these awards keep asking me to reveal a lot about myself. Luckily I reveal things that won't embarrass me none of you actually know me so I don't care as much.

Let's see...  Things that no one else really knows.

1. I like to draw. I have taken several art classes and used to use my talents all the time, but the drawing has dwindled down over the years.

2. I, however, cannot paint to save my life. (It counts as two, right?)

3. I bought the movie Jarhead many many years ago but refused to watch it until my brother was out of the Marines because I was already so afraid for him every day that I couldn't handle making it worse.

4. I hated Jarhead. I regret watching it.

5. I have to try my best to not be a hoarder. I occasionally go through my stuff and throw away the items that I never use and don't need, but I have to make sure I keep on top of it so I don't end up on a reality show or a bad episode of Bones.

6. I love Jason Mraz. I think his lyrics are amazing. If you want to unfollow me for this one I don't blame you. I've almost disowned myself from myself because I'm so ashamed and embarrassed for the level to which I want to have this man's babies.

7. I am a bit compulsive about planning out situations and conversations before they even happen. This often results in talking out loud to myself. Kind of embarrassing and hard to explain when I get caught.

NOW, I have to pass this on to seven people that I find funny. Since I can't give it to myself seven more times (or could I.....) I will have to choose seven people from those I follow. Be right back.



...Okay, I'm back.

To continue my laziness on this one I'm not going to give reasons why I chose these people, but I have good taste so go check them out.

1. Kurt at The Roaring Dork.

2. Purplegirl at The Only Slightly Cranky Waitress.

3. Beau at The Nothing Report.

4. Scott at Scott's Tip Of The Day.

5. Sous Gal at Here...taste this...

6. Cole at Dry Humor Daily.

And last but not least...

7. Sandra at Absolutely Narcissism.

Alright, I have fulfilled all the rules, and I promise to stop being a lazy ass and get back to regular posting tomorrow. For now, check them out, leave comments, and save kittens.


  1. congrats and i to saw that movie Jarheads wasn't impress

  2. Congrats!

  3. good job!

    tucker and i off to the woods now!

  4. You shouldn't be ashamed of loving Jason Mraz. Disregarding the poppy stuff that makes him mainstream, the core of his songs are well written and musically, just awesome. He's a talented guy.

    Yeah, I said it.

  5. Thank you guys!

    And thanks for the Jason Mraz support. I feel a bit better now.

  6. Hey, awesome! You know, I just got my first mean comment since I posted my second entry like, three years ago. I wish mean people would leave a name so I could ki....... say thank you.

    Anyway, great post and good choices for your award ;)

  7. I'm still waiting for my first mean comment. People don't really love you unless they pretend to hate you.

  8. Hey, thank you so much for the award! I am touched and honoured! Now I have to go back up and read your next said something about masturbating, and I like to read all the masturbation stories I can.


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