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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do You See The Dinosaur?

You know those moments where you realize you aren't where you're supposed to be?

I had one of those yesterday.

I was talking to my roommate for awhile because she was upset about some things, and eventually made plans to go over to my boyfriend's to hang out. I realized somewhere right before I went over there and the drive over that I should be with my friend.

Boy am I glad I made that decision.

I didn't get drunk because with the events that unfolded there just wasn't time available to devote to that.

One of our mutual friends was completely drunk. I think shwasted may even be appropriate for this one. I walked up and he gave me a hug which ended up being a, 'I'm going to cuddle you upright for a minute so you don't fall over' hug. We went downstairs to the first floor of the bar, and proceeded to get a drink. We saw our friend fall down the stairs and Shmishelle deemed it time to set the drink down and take him home.

I offered to ride with her to help with the drunken mass in her front seat, and spent the whole way to his house trying to keep him upright so that he would stop using one of my hands as a headrest. Don't judge me, I'm still a good friend but that man's head is heavy!

We woke him up and got him out of the car when we reached the right house. He kept making us stop by planting his foot in front of him on the sidewalk in a way that would disable us from proceeding further, and would whisper, "Shhhhh! Look! It's the dinosaurs!"

This happened a few times. Shmishelle thought it was hilarious and kept egging him on while I tried to be the voice of reason saying, "Yup, the dinosaurs. Now where are your keys. That's nice. Really? Where are your keys. Find your keys. It's cold and you're using me as a cane."

Something like that anyway.

He didn't have his keys because some smart person probably took them away from him at the bar, so we lugged him back to the car. I had her drop me off at my car which was still by the bar, and met her at our apartment to help him upstairs onto our couch. Pillow and blanket later, we took off to have a precious drink at a different bar than we were at (no thanks hip-hop night). We got down a shot and a drink.

My liver cried tears of relief sadness, but I satisfied my arteries with some taco bell.

All in all, we stayed up for a bit talking about random I'm-slightly-tipsy tidbits so it was a good night.

Oh, by the way, I did all of this in sweatpants.

And owned it.

I'm a badass.


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