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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hey You! Stop Reading Your Blogroll and Come Read My Post!

Happy MLK day! I hope you are all enjoying it, and if today is no different than any other Monday for you, think of it as Bloglove Monday instead.

Speaking of bloglove, Bruce's EvilTwin gave me some the other day. He gave me this:

Thanks Bruce!!!!

This award comes with this rule. I can give it to as many people as secrets that I am willing to divulge about myself. I am a copycat, so here are three secrets:

1.  Showers are like magic for me. A shower will make me feel better no matter how crappy I feel. If I feel too crap-o-la-like the shower magic is only temporary, but should last until the hot water returns.

2.  My Super-Nintendo is quite possibly my favorite possession apart from my books. I was informed, as a joke, that it was broken accidentally and thought about breaking up with my boyfriend when I found out he had lied to me about it to be funny. We made it through but I glared at him for the rest of the night.

3.  I believe that Midol is the best hangover cure in the world. It not only takes care of the headache but has caffeine to perk you up. I pretty much just love this stuff. There's a certain week of the month that I will pop these pills like candy because they are the only thing that makes me feel sane.

So there you have it. Three things that make up some of what I like to call 'the essence of Kara.' Now to force other bloggers into doing the same thing give this out to other deserving bloggers out there. I gave three secrets so I get to give the award to three people. Since it is a holiday, I am going to give a simple reason as to why I chose each blog. This first blanket reason is that I just recently started following these blogs and all three of them rock my world.

First, to Cole at Dry Humor Daily. If for no other reason than this:

One of the main reasons I followed this blog. It made me laugh.

Next, to Beau at The Nothing Report, because everyone should have a Zombie Apocalypse Plan and he posted his so that I could copy it. No, really. He posted it just for me I just know it. He didn't tell me but I have good hunches about things like these.

Finally, Bryan and Brandon at A Beer For The Shower, because anyone who can make fun of Sarah Palin and the Twilight books are fucking heroes in my book.

Now I'm going to go drink beer and smoke a cigarette for Bruce and his evil counterpart. Thanks again Bruce!


  1. Congrats on the award. You deserve it.

    And I agree with you about the Super Nintendo. Donkey Kong, Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda all kicked ass on that system.

  2. congrats on the award...and good choices for the recipients...


    the non smoke thing is getting easier.

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book
    Dreamodel Guy

  3. congrats on the award and thanks for the introduction to some new blogs for me

  4. Love the pic - made me laugh :-)

  5. Kara I love you. That being said, you can't need a Zombie Apocalypse plan. You criticized me too much, I may go as far as to say you were angry with me, when I tried to educate your niece on the proper protocol.

  6. Oh and MLK Jr. day should not be "just another day" for people. There are many holidays that can be in that category (i.e. the Santa holiday, the Bunny holiday, the Cupid holiday) but not MLK Jr.'s day. He was just too good for that. Besides he is the only real one...

  7. Congrats on the award. Very well deserved.

  8. Your title made me crawl out of my cave for a minute ;) Still don't have anything to say ... but I did come outside. Congrats on the award.

  9. Ah ha! I found it. You'll have to excuse me, I just found out a fourth reader of my blog exists and I rushed to the bathroom to void my bowels.

    You are correct my dear, I wrote it just for you. Tune in....eventually....when I share with my now four dear readers the top ten things I want to do before I die. This will be post-apocalyptic, of course.

  10. I can vouch about Midol. One time, waiting tables in this crazy busy restaurant, I was getting really grumpy and bitchy and one of the waiters, the only other guy in an all woman arena, said, "You need to take a Midol, Rick!"

    One of the waitresses then offered me one. That stuff works!

    Best, Rick


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