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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can I Buy One Of These At Home Depot?

You know what really irks my chain?

Bad cell phone reception.

I just hate it when I can't text my latest shananigans to my girlfriends when I want and where I want.

That's why I am so insanely jealous of these folks.

Apparently, the Di Marco family of Long Island has their very own tower right in the front yard of their residence. Lucky bastards.

They say it's an eyesore and a destruction of property value, but I bet they get the best reception of their entire neighborhood. Keeping up with the Jones's?

Pshaw. Keeping up with the Di Marcos is more like it.


  1. If I had a plot of land I would build a tower in a heartbeat. Those things pay for themselves in about one year, and then after that it's all profit. And yes, the awesome cell phone reception would make my life infinitely less frustrating.

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  3. it....
    would be good for bungy jumping! and i bet someone gets some superpowers from the radioactivity. and of course the five bars thingy! looks like a win/win/win!

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  4. Exactly. I don't know why these people are compaining. There are so many positive possibilities to apply to this.

  5. can yor hear me now..great post


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