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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh My Brave Brave Sister....

CkretsGalore at Kick Her Right In The Habit gave me the LOL award. She thinks I'm funny and is double-jointed in her toes so go check her out.  

I am in charge of a 7 year old girl today, so I'm feeling a bit lazy regarding this award. If you want to know seven secrets about me go here. If you want this award then comment on this post and call dibs. Or just take it. You deserve it for being awesome.

You can even call it the awesome award if you want, I don't care, because the main thing I am concerned with right now is how someone so small can talk for so long without running out of air.

I usually watch my niece for a couple hours every Wednesday, but my sister has parent-teacher conferences to do tonight so we are hanging out with each other until nine. I'm such a great aunt that I had to find out what her bedtime is and all that 'parenty' stuff. No, I didn't already know. Yes, my sister is very brave to leave her beloved child in my care for such a long period of time. Yes, it's possible that I just watch her to remind my uterus the repercussions of having a baby. Whatever. I'm still helping out and it still counts.

And if you are wondering, I remembered to feed her. I think.....


  1. I used to be a nanny for a 7 year old. No room for blogging when a kid is there!

  2. i still haven't found the off button on mine

  3. if you feed them they shut up,
    but then they grow

    if you don't feed them they do not grow,
    but then they are screaming for food all the time...

    i really do not understand why people have kids...

    good luck!
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  4. I feel the same way about my cousin. He is 8 years old and he drives me crazy when I watch him. "Watch what I can do." "Did you see?" "Can you do this?" "I don't think you can get a score this high."

  5. Are you kidding? Seven-year-olds have a never-ending supply of air. It's because they can't smoke yet.


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