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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dumbo Fly Me Away To Success!

One of my favorite parts of history is looking back on the media of certain periods and comparing them to the social view of the time. I also like to look at current commercials and television shows and see what truths they hold within the social stigmas we have today.

So what can you learn from television? Women are strong but still feminine. They are storming in and taking their place in the world.

Until a man comes and sweeps them off their feet that is.

If a woman is portrayed as highly successful then a string of sad broken relationships is written into her past.

A couple months ago I was at work and heard one of my female co-workers saying, 'I wish I could just get a millionaire to fall in love with me. Then my life would be better.'

To which I replied, 'I don't want a rich man to fall in love with me. I want to become rich on my own.'

I think that's what I said. The way the girl looked at me I might have actually said, 'I don't want a rich man to fall in love with me. I want to fly with Dumbo and poop on a throne.'

I must work on my annunciation.


  1. hahaha so true! I have learned that having more money than necessary doesn't always make problem go away and make it all better.

  2. very true words though i won't mind hottong the lottery

  3. i want to marry a rich woman...then fly with dumbo and poop on a throne!

  4. Wow.

    That was brilliant...

    (Oh, I am too fulsome, once again... throttle it back; throttle it back; can't be too nice. People will think you're full of kaka)

    The hell with that. That was brilliant.

    I am, myself, absolutely suspicious of how we all are portrayed in the media. All these canned roles. All these predictable parts. Thanks for noticing this too.

    It's not just women. It's everyone: Here's the too liberal college professor. Here's the too conservative Joe Plumber Guy. Here's the angry Arab. Here's the snotty Frenchman. Here's the dumb hick. Here's the effete city boy. Here's the...

    [fill in the blank]

  5. You are smart! I don't see why girls don't apply themselves more when it comes to their life but give up everything for a guy.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps


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