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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No, Snow Day, You Won't Get Me Down!

So yesterday's ....poem?... was definitely not about a cheeseburgers. No one likes cheeseburgers that much.

I'm less cranky, though. I ..made.. myself a cheeseburger so that's taken care of.

Now today I have to deal with the boredom that comes with yet another snow day. You bet my ass (there's not much to bet, I'm sorry) that I'm not going outside to relieve the urge to slowly bang my head against my dvd rack for a half hour. It's cold out there. And there's snow.

Now I know some of you are worried. Some of you may be thinking, But Kara, if you don't go outside today you won't get any sunlight or fresh air. Your beauty may suffer because of it.

Don't worry. I appreciate your concern, but I do go outside every hour or two for some fresh air and sunlight. And a cigarette. So I'm good.

And I used a face mask.

Because I have nothing better to do today.

So..... due to boredom I am going to compile a to-do list.

1. Rearrange the pictures in the apartment and see how long it takes for anyone to notice.

2. Draw caricatures of my cats doing their 'cat' things (i.e. licking their butts, falling off the counters, being pushed off the counters, staring at a string like defeating it will end world hunger...okay the cats don't care about world hunger).

3. Begin drinking (maybe I have already...)

4. Put the absolutely worst movies my roommate and I own on a separate shelf and label said shelf, "Kara's All-Time Favourite Kick-Ass Movies!!!" and see if anyone notices.

5. Make a hat out of newspaper and sit in the bathtub waiting for someone to come in so I can "take their booty!" (Arrg! *Squawk!*)

6. Buy a newspaper. (Requires going outside)

6. Write a short story about a girl who is stuck inside on a snow day with a list of kick-ass plans for the day, and chooses to watch Mulan instead.


  1. That sounds like a great plan for a snow day.

  2. Are you British now? What is your favourite colour, chap? Te he he...

    BTW these things are only funny if you do them.

    Also, I am ending my Stop-the-Overpopulation-of-Kittens-in-Kansas movement and will begin commenting on your blogs again. You're welcome =)

    I love you too.

    The Roommate.

  3. So you are working on that list from the bottom up? Because it appears to me you've already done #6. :) Ummm, and I'm pretty sure #3.

  4. Awesome list. :) Pirate hat just made it to today's to do list for me.

  5. great plan and pretty snowflake

  6. good list!

    my list.

    wake up.
    do what i did yesterday. (nothing)
    go back to sleep.

  7. Would it be uncool to state publicly that #2 is on my to do list everyday?

    I totally think you should do #4. Be sure to use a label maker so that it looks official.

  8. I would hate snow days here because I hardly ever go home anymore and it's weird to actually be home for more than a quick meal, shower and sleep.

    The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

  9. Now that I'm unemployed, there's really no difference between a snow day and a regular day, because EVERY DAY I don't want to go outside if I don't have to.

  10. I'm not gonna lie...I'm a bit creeped out by #5.

    a bitch called mom


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