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Friday, November 12, 2010

An Act Of Kindness

As you may have gathered from the vast amounts of sarcasm and cynicism in my posts, I have a mildly sadistic view of the world. Today, however, someone bestowed on me such an act of kindness that almost restored my faith in humanity.

My roommate has been sick, and was feeling a bit better today. That, and the fact that she has been cooped up in the house for a couple days, made her want to venture out into the ice-cold rain in search of a yummy pastry. I took her to her car, which had been left at the bar a few days ago, and then drove to a few places in search of the magical, delicious pastry. We went to a couple of places downtown, but alas they were not sufficient. She decided she wanted to go to Starbucks instead, so I hopped in her car with her, leaving mine downtown. We discussed the fact that she was low on gas on the way to Starbucks, but failed to get gas before hopping on the highway to come home. I bet you can't guess what happened a few minutes after we got on the highway....


We coasted as far as we could, and made it almost to the exit before having to stop. After debating for awhile, we got out of the car and began walking. Again, it was (still is) raining and extremely cold. We saw a car stop in front of us, and I told my roommate that I wasn't getting in if the person looked like they were going to rape me. The person that got out of the car was a very nice woman. I felt reassured.

She offered us a ride, and began chatting with us once we were in the car. When we got to the gas station she offered to wait and take us back. We told her she didn't have to since it was the distance of about a block and a half to the gas-less car. She said she didn't mind, it was cold/raining, so we let her.

After buying a ten dollar tiny gas can (yeah...) and filling it up with the gallon it could hold she took us back. On the way she asked us questions about our schooling, plans, and even told us about her daughters in a way which related to our stories. Extremely nice lady.

I do not know this woman's name (I wish I had told her about this blog so I could actually extend this to her, not just about her) but I would like to, again, say thank you so much. This was probably the kindest thing I have seen anyone do in awhile, and I understand the risks associated with stopping to help someone along a highway. I'm glad you took a chance on us. May your children and children's children (etc.) be blessed with riches and pretty babies.

Best part about it? Her last words to us when we were getting out of the car were, "Remember girl, don't ride with strangers! Only mothers!"


  1. wow. that is cool..
    only ride with mothers...yup...
    i do believe that things happpen for a reason...

    i do hate it when you come up with a great idea about 5 minutes after it should have it forward, tho' cuz karma is a bithckitty...


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