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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bikers Love America Too

How would you like to earn the name 'Flag Boy?' Hopefully 13-year old Cody Alicea likes it because that is what he has been deemed all over national news.

Apparently Cody put a flag on the back the bike he rode to school. Nothing was said until right around Veteran's Day, when the school told him he had to put it in his backpack due to the fact that it was 'bothering other students.'

Everyone got all hot and bothered by this, and it spread like herpes in a nudist colony. (Spread like wildfire is so cliche, don't you think?) A group of bikers even followed young patriotic Cody to school one day, and circled around the school flag-pole to sing Kumbaya and We Will Rock You, Queen-style (see photo above). 

One of the reasons the school gave for the banishment of the American flag on school property was that it could cause race issues and violence. What American feels that the American flag is racist? Isn't it the one blanket icon that covers us all?  Red, yellow, black, white and biker; aren't they all precious in the flag's sight?

I'm just impressed that a 13-year old would even care enough to honor his grandfather, and all of the veterans of this country, by displaying this flag.

Moral of the story? Don't fuck with the flag, or it will fuck with you.

Oh, and bikers are patriotic too. And love Queen. (They didn't really sing Queen that I know of, though. I lied to you. I'm sorry.)


  1. oh for fucks sake...this country is just so idiotic.

    racially motivated? dipshit plu-ease..

    great post and no prob on the lying thingy...

    a great story is nothing without a little embellishment...

    and look at you picking up followers!!!

    rock on girlfriend!!

  2. Thanks for the continued support Bruce. I definitely have to give some deserved credit to you (hey Mustang Sally!).

  3. So kara..

    when you are big and famous...just remember...
    aw f- it...when your big and famous....f-ing enjoy it!!!

    *if only i could type with the sincerity font*...oh and you are very needs more laughter and every f-ing time i read your blog i laugh..

    and not trying to be weirdish and all.. i am actually *bloglovin* some more later this week if i can get time what with all the work seaching and all...

  4. If you were driving past my house multiple times screaming, 'I love you Kara!' I would get a little weirded out. (Seriously, that wasn't you, was it?)

    As far as the internet goes, feel free to pimp me out and say nice things about me all you want.

    And if it makes you feel better about doing it, just remember this; everytime you blog about me an animal of your choice is born.

  5. i was screaming Sara...d'oh wait...thatwasnotme...definitely..not me...

  6. Oh. Sarah's my next door neighbor. That makes sense. Wait.....

  7. WTF? Racial tensions, really? Do they have any idea where the hell they are? Does the school itself not fly an American flag? Where do these people come from ... under rocks?

    Sometime hate to admit I belong to the same species ... really I do.

  8. It apparently does according to the article(s). I think they were just using it as a cop-out. The school did end up taking it back and letting the kid put the flag back on the bike. I just don't understand why it had to be such a big deal in the first place.

  9. Race issues? What freaking race issues? It's a flag! Everybody always has to be so politically correct. Maybe if people stopped making big deals over everything, there would be no confrontations...ok, maybe it's not that simple, but it could be simpler.


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