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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Century Long Mystery Solved!

Have no fear!…the answer to the age long question we’ve all been asking ourselves is finally answered. Cats lap up 3/100ths of a tsp. of milk with each lap. And if that just isn’t enough to satisfy your quest for kitty knowledge, then go grab yourself a copy of today’s (yesterday's. Sorry. The nice lady took precedence over cats. It's all over the web, though.) New York Times for the five step photo rendition as a cat “lightly touches the surface (of the milk) with the smooth tip of its tongue.” These are some quality photos, not at all disgusting in their depiction of milk drooling back out of the cat’s mouth. But wait…I thought we weren’t supposed to give cats milk. Now you’re just confusing me New York Times, with your highly sophisticated animal studies.


  1. Kara-
    funny stuff...

    yeah i saw this and pretended that it was not really a story...

    ballsy move to use this in a post, but that is why i dig your are never afraid to get the facts...and expose the truth! and touch on things that others will ignore

  2. Thanks Bruce. I like to think that I give justice to the breaking news that no one cares about.

    Just my little service to the world.

    And I, too, would like to pretend that this wasn't an actual story on the front page of the New York Times.....

  3. Kara-

    i only saw it on yahoo, or my yahoo page...
    did not know it was that BIG a story...see how awesome you are?

    NYT...isn't there some kind of near disaster or something that coulda taken up page 1?

  4. I agree with the Times. I feel that, as a society, we don't really need to be bothered with petty things like national deficits, elections, or even natural disasters when there are important news-worthy articles on cats to be written.


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