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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanks For The Ten Bucks, Now How Do I Know You Again?

My dad, before he became a missionary, was a surgeon in the town I currently live in. He died during a business trip while we were overseas, so this could be construed as him dying for the lord.

Apparently he was well liked (I was very young when he passed so I don't really remember), so I have people asking if I am 'Kara Hoag' all the time. Most of these people I do not know. Also, most of these people do not tell me who they are. I am just supposed to recognize someone who knew my father or knew me when I was in middle school.


Last night I served a table of ladies who apparently ALL knew me. They asked if I was Kara, and I responded 'yes'. I mean I am, so that seems like the appropriate response. They all clucked and cooed at me like I was a precious child to them, and I responded by asking for they drink order. I just wanted to serve them and get on with my night, not spend two hours trying to figure out just who the hell they were!

I wonder if they would have left me as good of a tip if they knew I didn't go to church?...


  1. since i hate cats mebbe i should just leave..but...(found your site thru scott tip o the day) well actually i am allergic to mebbe hate is too strong of a word...

    i hate when i run into previous customers and they start taling to me like we just spent a relaxing weekend hot tubbing and hanging out...

    but i REALlY hated when i waited on someone that knew my parents...i can relate...

    hey great blog...BTW...i love the uggs post...

  2. Well, thank you for saving a kitten and commenting regardless of your feelings towards them.

    What I hate the most is when customers begin to feel comfortable and friendly and stop tipping as well. We're still not friends, buddy. I'm still only speaking to you because of the money you will be leaving me when you exit this building.

  3. or when they *joke* about there goes your tip ...and then follow thru...

    one time i was left a penny and actually followed the customer out to give it back... and then got written up for it...but hey, (days weeks idk) a little while later said "f*ck you i quit!" and threw the chit book at the cocknozzle manager...

    he had the stones to tell me i was fired...i of course said back "i quit before you fired me..." so i won...

  4. I think you just described my dreamday at work.

    And I am constantly having to tell my mom that those jokes aren't funny when we go out to eat. She never follows through, luckily, so they are funny to her and she can't understand why I lecture her when she does it.


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