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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I decided to be a good daughter, and go over to my Mom's to clear my stuff out of her basement. Okay, I went to pack up my stuff and just put it in a different part of her basement...

The basement used to be my bedroom, so I'm talking about things from when I was young!

Okay, and part of college. So I moved back in a couple times. Times are rough when you need to spend a good majority of your income on alcohol. Don't judge me.

Some things I found:

Millions of shotglasses from all over the United States and Europe. I knew the right kind of souvenirs to buy even when I was in high school.

A potpourri-crockpot looking thingy. You put potpourri in it with some water and it heats up to make the room smell delicious. It never worked well. Also, when I opened it up I found some potpourri from the time of the dinosaurs. That one went into the trash bag no questions asked.

A pink rod-thing that they used to pass off in high school track races. I don't know what it's called. I think it's a baton. A friend of mine stole it from one of our track meets and gave it to me. That kind of thing was sweet then. Ah hell, you could probably still win my heart over by stealing something for me.

About eight hundred old phone chargers. You know the first style cell-phones that were bigger than your head? I think some of these chargers might have belonged to a phone like that. I put them in a pile to take to the antiques store. (Okay, I didn't...)

Beany Babies!! (Are these still worth money? Cause my ass is poor.)

A Gameboy. You need to know that it is, in fact, the very first Gameboy they came out with. And it still works. For those of you who are younger, this is not the sleek black one that has a colored screen. This baby is the size of a text-book and has a green screen. The background shows up in a darker green. I don't care if you make fun of me. I'm keeping this thing forever.

Clothes, clothes, clothes, and clothes. Then...I found some more clothes. We're not even getting into this one.

Claires jewelry. Oh, and those fake Mardi Gras-esque beads they give out at school functions. I don't know where I got so many of either of these. I think my mom may have opened up a Claires in the basement and not told me about it. She just stuck the extra retail in my vanity table.

This has gone on long enough.

Pretty much today consisted of me putting my shit into random piles. It now looks more organized, but I think I will wait a few more years before forcing myself to actually part with any of it.


  1. noice...


    my first cell phone was a bagphone and i thought it was the didn't have a charger, but it pluged into the lighter, back before all those convenience outlets in all the new cars...oh and it cost like a dollar a minute to call...

    i had to have a pager to know when someone called me cuz the damn thing was as big as a brief case and wieghed 60 lbs...

    man i can ramble after a couple drinks...

    funny post girly-girl..

  2. haha! You're so funny. I was reading your profile, because I do that, and I love that your hobby is making fun of people. Mine too! See, we're like kindred spirits.
    As for the Beanie Babies, try Ebay, you might be sitting on a small fortune...or at least a Big Mac at MacDonald's.

  3. Bruce, I remember pagers. I never had one but my brother, whose a few years older than me did. Do People still use them, I wonder?

    Sandra, those who are keen on making fun of people tend to find each other. Probably because everyone else quits talking to them eventually.
    I looked on ebay, and while the prices were high on some items, the amount of buyers were very very low. Looks like it's a value fry for me....

  4. kara-

    yes i think people do use pagers friend that works in the service tech (IT) field still has one...or did last year at winter camping...

    he did not have a cell phone til a couple years ago...cuz he had a pager...and he was in IT...

    i think the new pager is twitter or texting...

    but that is just me...

  5. I understand the pack rat urge, believe me ... I am the queen. I get attached to things. I hate throwing things away or getting rid of them, unless someone I know needs something I have stored, then it's perfectly okay.

    I was ruthless the last time I moved. Threw away paycheck stubs from when I was like, sixteen, and things like that. Still I have boxes upon boxes of crap. I might just get my own place again someday ya know. Can't just get rid of all my "stuff" Remember George Carlin's bit on "stuff" ROFL


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