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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Warning: Angry Rant Ahead

What is it about being a manager that makes people so goddamn useless?

Tonight I was on carside, while having a section at the same time. I ended up getting quite a few togos at once, one of which was almost eighty dollars and quite large.

I asked Shmony to help me, and told him that he needed to keep an eye on the two tables that I had because I couldn't get to them anytime soon (I was putting together the eighty dollar togo at this point). He said he would, and I checked back with him a few times when he would randomly reappear in the kitchen.

After awhile I was still stuck in the back putting orders together and asked him how the tables were doing. He informed me that they were pretty pissed off.

In addition to that I had several servers tell me how pissed off at me the tables were.

I didn't ask some random server who was also busy to help me. I went to the manager and informed him that I was too busy to handle my tables and asked him to take care of it. His affirmation should have meant that he would actually do it, but in actuality I was pretty much an idiot to think that Shmony had the mental capacity to take care of anything except for his need to hit on 19 year old waitresses.

I ended up making twenty-five dollars even though I had almost four hundred in sales. My togos pretty much stiffed me and my tables stiffed me because I was so busy with the togos.

I need a new job.

F. you Shmupplebees (and Shmony)

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  1. LOL....and your problem with hitting on 19yr old waitresses is what? waiter + young waitress = hitting on...

    i think that is a law of nature...not sure but i think it is...


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