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Friday, November 26, 2010

Everyone Loves Blog Love


Given to me by the awesome Semi True Torystellar

I want to thank Semi True Torystellar at Can U Relate? for bestowing upon me my very first blog award! I am super excited!

To define this award, I am going to steal the definition from her post. Because I'm lazy it was said better than I could describe it.

"This award goes to bloggers who hold a mirror up to society and its members who may have somewhat gone astray and often smash them over the head with it provide insight as to how those situations should be properly handled"

If you don't believer her, go to my profile. It specifically says that my hobbies are 'making fun of people'. See? Proof.

I want to take this time to thank the academy Semi True Torystellar for giving me this award. It just plain makes me feel good about myself. All of you reading this, go to her blog. Now. Don't even finish reading my post. Hers is better. Quit wasting your time here.

Are you still here?

Good. Keep reading mine. I still want your attention. Especially since I am about to give this to a few of the people that I have grown to love in the Blogger world. That's right, some blog love is coming up...


I would like to give this award to.....


Bruce @ Just Another Day In Paradise.
His blog is funny and awesome. I always get a good laugh when I head that way for tea even though he's a little stingy with the splenda. Visit him, but bring your own.

Sandra @ Absolutely Narcissism.
She dressed her son up as a Smurf. And gave him a tail. What more do you need to know? It was for Halloween, don't worry. Although I wouldn't put it past her to do it just for her own amusement. That's how awesome she is.

Jamie @ Daydream Believer.
She is pretty much adorable in her writing. Her voice is honest and often hilarious in the way she views the world. And the girl shares my love for nutella.

The Bitchy Waiter @ well, The Bitchy Waiter.
This is one of the first blogs I've followed and his view on people has been cracking me up ever since. If you've ever worked in the service industry his stories are completely relatable, and still entertaining if you haven't.

Now go, blog readers, go! Fly away to these blogs and find out just why they deserve these awards (because they're all awesome).


  1. Kara-
    aw shucks and thanks...

    i will get some more damn splenda but that shit is ex.pen.sive. and you know im unemployed, right?

    thanks a bunchie!!!

    and btw...your blog is in the top five best blogs i follow...and i follow some wicked good could be in the top 2 but then you may get all bigheaded and forget the people that were there when you were nothing...

    i KNOW i will...
    when im a big blogstar!!!
    cuz im all ego like that...

  2. You're welcome Bruce. And as long as we become blogstars at the same time our blog friendship will be fine. Or as long as I become one first. It's only the one left behind that gets their feelings hurt.

    Don't worry, I'll find myself without any true blog friends and come crawling back someday. Or vice-versa.

  3. Kara-
    you will never be without blogfriends...and since i am like the pete best of life, i am used to being the one left behind, but it doesn't matter...

    keep posting and pimpin the blogs...

    my post tomorrow is about increasing traffic and followers...i think...cuz i really know how to do that...yeah...riiight...

    and of course i will include the award and some more blog love to the KARA

    unless some really cool stuff happens tonight at the hockey game...

    but remember!
    you rock baby! you rock!

    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear

  4. Kara, you're hilarious!
    Thank you so much for this award, I am so flattered, and...well,....I'm speechless. Thank you again, you are terrific yourself!


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