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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let's Talk About Comments

I received a very nice comment from someone dear to me last night. Okay, it was partly nice. ....Mostly nice. It was about 79.9% nice (and to me that's an A+ in the nice department). My roommate came home and I was telling her about my adventures in the basement of my Mom's house. I mentioned the Gameboy, to which she retorted, "Oh! Is that why you have a Gameboy as the picture?"

I was astounded! And amazed! And astonished!

She was already on my blog about to read it. Now that's a good friend to have around. She supports me enough to take the initiative and go to my blog herself. Okay....I think she just knows that if she doesn't read them I'm going to read them to her anyway.

She read this comment to me before posting, but then took my hearty laughter as a sign that I was okay with her posting it. Here is what she wrote on I Hate Mornings:

Shmichelle said...

Hello everyone, I am Kara's room mate. In case you were wondering she is exactly as funny as her blog in real life, if not more. Anyway, I want you all to know that she ended up putting in a movie and slept while her niece watched it (not on purpose of course, she was just tired) I tell you this not to put down Kara at all (if I got to choose an aunt she'd be on my top 5 list) but to exemplify her niece's cuteness. The little angel (not devil) waited through almost the entire movie until her Auntie woke up an hour later and said "Is it ok if I open my Sprite now?"

And of course, Auntie said guiltily "yes"

The moral of the story: Get all the rules on the table before you take a nap.

I'm going to make this even worse for myself. I did fall asleep. Upon waking I asked my niece, "Why didn't you wake me up?!"

To which she replied, "You just looked so peaceful."

Then a few minutes later she asked if it was okay for her to drink her Sprite now. I should tell you that she was also not feeling well. I felt horrible.

Real moral of the story? Don't trust me with your kids. And pick awesome roommates.


  1. kara-

    you are lucky...i have a bff (soo very lame to use bff) that has NEVER read my blog...e.v.e.r...i wrote about it a while back, but what ever...

    he also only went to one of my shows when i was doin the music not very supportive, of my creative side..

    but when i needed a place to stay, he has bailed me out twice...roof over my head or reading my blog???hummm???

    i know this comment is a kinda lame one but kittens and all that, ya know?

  2. Very lucky indeed.

    And your friend still sounds like a good friend. I've found that most people don't care about blogging (gasp now!). I have to understand that it is their loss because they miss out on so much Kara-awesomeness. You should feel the same way about your blog.

  3. my friend is a great guy and going thru a tough time so i will let it be what it is...and be there for him...

    i have noticed that bloggers tend to care about bloggering...

    and that there are a ton of blogs about food and quilting...oh and a bunch about some couple that are re-doing their house...ohhh how exciting...and they have like a gazillion followers...

    i hear ya about the Kara-awsomeness...and occasionally i will read my blog and laugh at how clever i yeah.. i get it...

    it is a great thing when someone gets it...and appreciates it...

  4. hello? hellll-ooo? is this thing on?

    need a Kara-awesomness fix...

  5. The people around me in my life are not at ALL into the blog thing. Many of them are not even aware that I write. Some will look at my pictures, but mostly only if they are of them or their animals ... or when I insist, to which they'll reply "oh that's nice" and be on their way. I don't look to them for validation of my creative side ;)


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