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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Hate Mornings

Well, the unthinkable has happened. I actually woke up and got out of bed before eight a.m. Don't worry, bloggers, this will not become a common occurrence for me.

My niece is sick, so my sister is keeping her home from school. Unfortunately, she needs to attend class herself so I agreed to watch the little devil for a couple hours this morning.

So, I dragged myself out of bed when I could have just kissed my boyfriend goodbye and kept on sleeping for several more hours. Little girl better know how much love it takes for me to do that.

Until she gets here, I am going to drown myself in coffee, and wonder why the hell the sun is shining like I'm supposed to be happy about being awake.


  1. since i do not want to kill any more kittens than needed, i try to leave a message on all your posts...

    not to be all cyberstalkeringish and all that, but i fail to understand after reading a bunch of your archived posts how you do not have more a bazzilion or so...

    girl you have some funny shit! i walked past a snuggy on my way to get a big bottle of booze to get all liquored up, cuz that is the best way to spend a quiet evening after a hard day of unemployment...i LOL, and the clerk looked at me like i was a moron...

    i am going to put you on my blog roll, not that it will help that much as i do not have a ton of followers, but i get a bunch of hits from slovainia and istambul..

    i will also give you some love on an upcoming blog on both of my blogs...

  2. Well thank you, Bruce. That made me feel pretty damn good after a long day.

    I also wonder why I don't have a gazillion followers, but I guess you have to start small.

    I did check out your blog. I thought it was pretty great even though I'm tired and spaced out and my attention span only allowed me to read a few posts.

    And, as always, I appreciate your help in keeping kittens alive. That too makes me smile.

  3. haha! You sound like me in the morning, except I have to be out of bed whether I can handle it or not!

  4. Hello everyone, I am Kara's room mate. In case you were wondering she is exactly as funny as her blog in real life, if not more. Anyway, I want you all to know that she ended up putting in a movie and slept while her niece watched it (not on purpose of course, she was just tired) I tell you this not to put down Kara at all (if I got to choose an aunt she'd be on my top 5 list) but to exemplify her niece's cuteness. The little angel (not devil) waited through almost the entire movie until her Auntie woke up an hour later and said "Is it ok if I open my Sprite now?"
    And of course, Auntie said guiltily "yes"
    The moral of the story: Get all the rules on the table before you take a nap.


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