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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Case Of the Passive Agressive Sleeper

I have no idea what this says, so I hope it's not offensive. 
If it is you should understand that I did not personally make this.
And then you should get over it.

Does anyone else get aggressive in their sleep when they're angry?

My boyfriend told me that I kicked him off the bed not once, but twice, the other night. I was sleeping, I didn't do it on purpose! I promise!

My last boyfriend used to tell me that I would do that to him when I was angry at him. Pretty much take over the entire bed in my sleep and refuse to let him sleep next to me. So, I started thinking about why I would've done it the other night.

A couple days ago, my boyfriend's roommate made a comment that kind of hurt my feelings (Oh PMS'ing. Boys need not look at that one if they don't want to). I don't think that the comment contained any animosity, but it made me feel slightly bad about myself nonetheless. I had decided to shove it aside and not worry about it, but that just doesn't work sometimes.

After thinking for awhile I decided that I had been passive aggressively taking it out on my boyfriend, including kicking him off the bed....literally...

I heard this story quite a few times in a row. I think he was still a little mad that I did this..

Apparently, I just kept scooting closer to him in the middle of the night until he ended up on the floor. Then I refused to move or respond to anything, including turning on the light, practically shouting my name, and physically trying to push me over. Did I also mention that I had all the blankets and wouldn't give those up either?

He finally got through my defense and made his way through enemy lines back onto the bed. At around seven in the morning he found himself on the floor...again. This time I was a bit more responsive, but still just as uncooperative. I just kept responding 'mmmm-hmmmm' to everything.

There was supposedly a lot of kicking and kneeing involved when he was allowed in the bed with me.

I feel bad.

I also laughed my ass off when he told me this.

Then apologized

Then laughed some more.

Did I mention that all this happened in his bed?


  1. LOL! Yeah when I have to share a bed with my brother on vacations and stuff I have to fight him in his sleep because he's a bed/blanket hog.

  2. hmmm ... *giggles* not "in my sleep" at least, not that I know of. I have woken up mad from something that happened in a dream ... and continued to be mad at the "real life" version of the dream person ... especially when he laughed when I told him why I was mad at him.

  3. @the adorable ditz:
    That reminds me of my favorite picture of my brother and I when we were little. He's holding his head in pain and I'm just sleeping soundly away. He probably stole my blocks or something.

    @Mustang Sally:
    I HATE it when people don't take it seriously that you're mad at them from a dream. Why can't they just understand what they did?!?!

    I also translated the caption. It says, "If you're so upset that I snore, you can never fall asleep."

    I feel like it's fitting.

  4. I think I could write a whole blog in response to this.

    There is nothing passive about my sleep aggressiveness. Darling Husband and I sleep in a king size bed with a blockade of body pillows between us. This is for his protection. It doesn't prevent us from doing the nasty, we are just a little more...'deliberate' about it.

    When I was about 15 I was sharing a bed with my mom (don't ask) and she woke me in the middle of the night to ask me how I felt about being a double amputee. That we could get me a skateboard and call me 'skip'. Apparently I had been kneeing her in the tail bone all night. Obviously not something that I meant to do. I just flail around when I sleep. Maybe you do too?

    I also laugh my fool ass off when people tell me about it. Did I mention that I talk in my sleep too? You might want to inquire, I'd almost bet you do too.

  5. Semi True:

    As far as I know I only get this bad when I'm mad about something, but I know that I do flail around a bit (less) and tend to be a blanket stealer.

    And I've never been told that I talk in my sleep but I've never asked either. God help the person who has to listen to that!

  6. growing up i used to wonder why some of my friends parents had separate beds and i can do the nasty anywhere...but beds are for sleeping...

    i prefer to sleep alone, cuz i have been on the receiving end of *those nights*

  7. Haha, yeah..I would imagine that that would be kinda hard to explain to a kid, Bruce.

    As far as it goes now, I have my own apartment so sleeping alone simply requires a 'No, honey, I don't want to hang out tonight.'

    Now you all have me worried that I do this all the time, though. I'm pretty sure it's only a once in awhile thing. I must get to the bottom of it now!

  8. Oh ya, I'd be laughing! Come on, what's not funny about a "thump" then the sight of a man's shocked face at being kicked out of bed?

  9. I don't get mean in bed, but boy, watch out if I had a bad dream.

    Shaking hubs awake: "You were cheating on me last night with some tramp! Forget me getting up to make your coffee! You're a terrible husband!"

    Poor hubs.

  10. I was trying to hard to keep a straight face, but it ended up being crack up....bad straight face....crack up.....bad straight face....crack up....

    And I am always guilty of holding a couple hour grudge if someone was a jerk in my dream.

  11. I know this is like days and days old, but I had to report that I had sleep/dream rage. Wakeup grudge last night/early this morning. I woke up next to sweet husband and swatted him. Twice. Once with my hand and once with my pillow for good measure. Just to make sure he knew that I was mad at him. He had no idea how to respond to the unprovoked attack. He's sitting next to me so I'm trying to not crack a smile as I type this.

  12. Dream him probably deserved it. Even though real him probably didn't you can use the half-asleep excuse.


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