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Friday, November 19, 2010

I Am NOT Thankful For Shmupplebees: Part 2

I looked online to see how many people were scheduled on Thanksgiving. I noticed a pattern. Many people who DIDN'T request off have the day off, or only have one shift. There are several people who did request off and have to work a double.

I don't think Shmjason even tried to give people the day off that requested it.

Sorry about the second rant. I am still just so so so so mad.

And yes, I did have to work last Thanksgiving as well. I'm sorry, the people who come in are sometimes scary. Also, people tip worth shit on Thanksgiving. Christmas-time, I make fantastic tips. Thanksgiving, people are angry at me for pretending to be happy at their table, because they don't give two shits about holiday cheer.

This is my plan now. I am going to sit in a Snuggie and take my own advice.

Then I am going to go to work, where I will pretend to care for approximately half an hour. After that, I will break out the bottle of Jack that I will have brought to work with me and enjoy my holiday via a togo cup; work or no work.


  1. ah yes...good plan...

    mebbe you could wear the snuggie to work...and wear it backwards...then wear a giant flipping the bird t-shirt under the snuggie and when you get a bad tip, flash 'em the bird...just a thought...

    it is a little known fact that the drink of choice for the settlers on that first thanksgiving so long ago was JD...yup no.lie.

    how do i know this fact...

    i. was. there...

  2. I think that as long as I got a black snuggie with a Shmupplebees logo I could bitch my way into being able to do that.

    And the way I heard it, good ol' Jack was at the first Thanksgiving too. I was told that he created his whiskey just for that special event.

    Either way, cheers to you, Jack. God bless us, everyo.... Shit. Wrong holiday.

  3. Let me know when you're ready to take a walk on the dark side (we have cookies) and I'll introduce you to my buddy Jose. I don't mess with Jack, he's a bully. Likes to shove me down the hill and steal my bucket.


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