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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Telemarketing Was SO Last Week!

Today my topic of choice is:

Things that really bother me.

Specifically telemarketing.

Specifically textemarketing.

I'm not sure if that's ever been a coined phrase, but I don't really care. I am getting tired of receiving texts that say things like:

"You have been chosen! Text back now to receive your cash prize!"

"Kara, did you know that millions of people are making their living by sitting on their own couch? You too could make thousands of dollars a week by surfing the web and posting annoying unrelated ads on people's facebooks and blogs! Text **** to find out how!"

What if someone doesn't have unlimited texts? These jackasses are costing them money by sending them ads that will probably just screw them out of time and money anyway. And I feel like most people won't click on your post, which is how you get money in these scams, because they will be so annoyed that you interrupted their regular program of gossiping about the horrors of ex-boyfriends with a post about a face-wash that will probably give them more pimples.

Related to textemarketing, I hate election ads. Not only the ones on television (although those can be entertaining. I love slanderous politicians.). I'm talking about the pre-recorded messages that you have to listen to on your voicemail because the number was unfamiliar and you were hopefully smart enough not to answer (could be that horrible ex-boyfriend trying to terrorize you again).

I have my phone for my convenience. Not for others. I keep it on silent pretty much all the time so it is less of a deal than it could be, but I get a flare of anger that could give road rage a run for its money everytime I have to see one of these numbers on my phone.

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