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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sleepy? Check The Library!

Last week my roommate couldn't find her coffee mug so she asked if she could borrow mine. I hesitated and stared at the cup for a second because there might have been mold on the inside (I had left it at the last house I'd lived in and it wasn't the cleanest place in the world). I wasn't positive, but was sure enough that I didn't really want to drink out of it ever again. My roommate said that she noticed there might have been mold but it could be something else. Since she knew about it I let her use the cup.

Tonight she told me that it was stolen. She left it in the library, and when she went back a few hours later someone had taken it. It was also full of coffee. They stole the cup and the coffee. Bastard. Your mom probably didn't love you enough.

So my question is, who steals a coffee cup?! Was this person so sleepy that they chanced taking someone else's cup o' joe?

Man I'm so tired. I can't even think how I'm going to get through next hour's biology class. The professor is so boring! The room is so dark and cold, if only I had! Gee, I hope it isn't decaff......

I hope you get sick from the mold.


  1. LOL.. to help find these bastards...i did a little research.

    it is a fact that the average coffee cup stealer is around 19 yrs old. race, and sex are inconsequential, however most of these people have brown eyes...

    it is also a fact that the average FULL coffee and cup stealer is 19.5 yrs old. the racial profile on these people is similar to afforementioned, however, most of these profiled will be wearing a olive drab surplus store jacket...

    you can check these facts on wiki...

    but give me about 16.5 minutes, K?

  2. I've noticed the waring about comments... poor kittens, i don't want them killed...

    by the way, maybe the librarian threw it away or had put it somewhere else... hehe...

  3. Bruce, I am grateful to you for helping solve the crime.

    Oreo, she asked the librarians and they said they didn't see it. Maybe one of them took it.....

  4. It was probably my boss. He thinks it's ok to eat off people's plates and take a bite of a cookie and put it back in the jar.


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