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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sometimes It Just Takes A Little Push In the Right Direction

While reading one of my favorite blogs on here, Daydream Believer, I got to thinking about one of the season's most popular controversies. I'm not talking about elections, who had the best Halloween costume, or if Santa really knows if you've been bad or good.

I'm talking about Uggs.

Before last year I had stood my ground, standing on the street with a sign, and shouting to everyone who would listen that these are the most ridiculous boots known to man, and would eventually cause the demise of society as we know it.

Around January I broke up with my boyfriend (for the second to last time, I'm sorry to say). I'm not sad, and I wasn't as sad as I could have been then. In fact, the only reason we were briefly together after that was because I needed him to get through a tough situation. Hey, sometimes a girl needs emotional support and chooses it in the wrong place. It had been a terrible off-on again relationship and, according to the ending expiration date, the relationship should have been growing mold and virus-curing bacteria. Metaphorically, I guess it was.

I did what all girls do after break-ups. I went out and bought things that would make me look phenomenal so he would know that I was always too good to be with him anyway.

One of the things I bought were a pair of Uggs. I wanted black, but they were out. The tan ones treated me so well that they were about to fall apart by the time I finally conceded and stopped wearing them.

Damn things were comfortable. And laces? Forget about it! Best decision ever. Plus I looked really good.

To see how I really feel about not being in this relationship, click here.

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  1. LOL... some times it all about the revenge of looking good! You go girl!



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